Writing To Earn Money Online
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Writing To Earn Money Online

Know that there is money to be made when a person considers freelancing & home business for second incomes. The ways to make money will be discussed in these facts along with managing a home business. Experience with writing will be a focal point for the reader of these guides. Enjoy the writing by choosing what you like to write about is part of the secret to staying with online writing.

Over the last 10 years more people are supplementing their regular 9 to 5 job with extra funds. Those efforts have supplied the writer with experience, placement on some websites and of course the finances they sought. It is the persistent person who gains access to those areas mentioned, so don't think it is a sign up and the bank account expands beyond your wildest dreams. That does not happen in a short time and for some it never occurs with the time they are willing to devote to the effort.

Writing has many facets online. Choosing the correct area is as important as your idea of the amount of time you want to devote to the web.  There are blogs, forums, articles and lists to choose from; to name only a few. Each have specific guidelines to follow. Some writing will be timed making a deadline for your written material to be submitted while other sites leave you to your own pace. I personally recommend to begin slowly which is important, so there is time to continue with a lucrative salary producing job while that second income is constructed. In the event you do not begin at a pace to allow maintenance of the bill paying job to continue, an overwhelming feeling could cause that writing to be dropped without knowing any success.

Some of the same directives should be considered if a full time writing effort will be the choice. The stark difference is that you can select a broader time frame to write. Furthermore more than one website could be part of the writing online to make a distinguishing preference after writing for both or more than one at least. Keeping the hours you wish to work is important. It is important to inform people your work at home job needs your attention at specific times. Your friendly neighbor could see your presence at the mailbox as a signal to have afternoon tea which cuts in on business time. Set your work hours and keep them. Other factors are learning how to promote your work, commiserate with others so that you help one another and produce valuable content. Your name will build your bank roll with expert grammar, spelling and compositions.

Decide to inquire of some writers regarding what sites are lucrative to make money in the direction you wish to put your writing efforts. Some will be listed below for your review, however know there are thousands to choose from, so don't stop at those listed. Give yourself at least 6 months on a writing site to know the value it has to offer to make money writing online.



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Comments (20)

Well presented article on how to make a living (or supplement an income) from online writing.

Very good article about writing online and making some money. Out of votes, so Liked.

Good points here to consider, hoping I can write online 20 years more, thank you very much for the inspiration my dear friend.

Very good advice, Roberta, for anyone seeking to supplement their income by writing for online sites.

Truly been  helpful...

very good dear, valuable advice from an experienced writer. 

Invaluable information regarding earning money online by writing.

Quite useful article.Thanks.

I agree you have made some good points for people to consider.

It is possible, not easy though...

Hi - well detailed answer to question about making money by writing online. Six months good time measure for writing on different article sites, or as my hubby says, "give it 100 pages!" I didn't get votes today for some reason. Sorry.

Excellent article. I am new to Knoj and a couple of other sites and converting to a home-based freelance career after 30 years of on-site contract technical writing. I have the added impact of being full-time carer for my 92 year old mother who has dementia. Fortunately Mum has good general health. Writing at night when she is asleep is how I manage my freelancing. I am also studying for a Diploma in Journalism. It is important to keep mentally active while involved in a mainly mundane daily routine. I am sure there are many other writers out there who are in my situation.

good answer, I would add though that even though you don't have a boss per se you must be disciplined and committed or else you will not make much money

You are so right, Roberta. You have throroughly explained all aspects and concerns about writing on-line. I confirm, this is not an easy task, it may take time before you earn a decent income. But it's worth it. You meet a lot of great people anyway. 

Thank you, my friend. 

Brilliant response, Roberta.

came back to read once more

I agree with all the excellent points you made Roberta. In answer to that persons question, I would say yes you can make a few dollars, but you couldn't live on it. You must have a primary source of income and the money you get from writing supplements that income.   

Nice write-up on writing online to supplement an income.  Really, I don't know anyone who writes full-time online and earns a decent income. It takes time to start earning decent money.  Thanks for posting here

Nicely written article. I agree with you that writing online gives a writer the chance to build up experience.

Great article!  I voted you up.  Writing is one of my favorite pasttimes and its a great way to supplement your income, agreed!  Have a good week!